Monastery of Rakovica “St. Troica”

Ritous cloisterin foot of the Chernoglav’s top,from then become infiniteely figure haidouk mountain,and to go to the Black sea,in inpenetrable wood folds is monastery of Rakovica “St. Troica”.For it Felix Kanic said:”It’s hard for person to imagine mire fascination nook for contemplative life from this palce…It’s true.that teh palce az this beauty,charm,but ritous cloiser is […]

Churches in Vidin

“St. Matyr Dimitar” Cathedral The construction of the first temple of this name began in 17th C. It was wooden and lasted for about two and a half centuries. In it, on December 6, 1868, the Metropolitan of Vidin – Antim 1st /who later became the first Bulgarian Exarch / – declared the detachment of […]