Krastatata Kazarma (the “cross-shaped barracks”)

The building is a culture monument of national importance. It was built in 1801 for the needs of the quartered in Vidin Ottoman troops and was connected with the armaments workshop in the neighbourhood. After the liberation from the Ottomans it served as court-martial and barracks of the Bulgarian army. Krastatata Kazarma (the "cross-shaped barracks") [...]

Vidin State Philharmonic Orchestra

Vidin State Philharmonic Orchestra has for decades been a leading cultural institution in the town of Vidin and the Vidin region. Vidin is located in the northernmost part of North-Western Bulgaria right on the bank of the Danube River. It is a town of rich historical-cultural heritage and musical traditions. The Vidin State Philharmonic Orchestra [...]

Osman Pazvantoglu

His grandfather was originally from the Eyalet of Bosnia, and part of the guards of the city of Sofia, hence Osman's name: pasban-oğlu, "son of the guard". Initially a mercenary in service to the Wallachian prince Nicholas Mavrogenes, Osman Pazvantoğlu disobeyed the latter on one occasion, and was saved from reprisals through Feraios' intervention. Having [...]